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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Habitat homeowner! We believe that everyone should have a safe, affordable place to call home.

Habitat’s path to homeownership is an important and in-depth process, requiring hard work, time and dedication. But this helps to ensure the long-term success of Habitat homeowners.

How to Apply

Habitat for Humanity of Montgomery County, TN 0% interest home loan applications will be available early 2025.

Spanish-speaking applicants can pick up (from the ReStore) or request a Spanish Language application via email once applications open.

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Applicants are applying for a home loan through Habitat for Humanity of Montgomery County. Eligibility is based upon several qualifying factors and approval by the Homeowner Selection Committee and Board of Directors. Listed below is the criteria to determine eligibility of all applicants.  


YOU MUST SUBMIT ALL OF THE REQUIRED DOCUMENTS IN ORDER FOR YOUR APPLICATION TO BE CONSIDERED COMPLETE. If required documents are not provided by February 23rd, 2024 at 5:00pm your application will be denied.

How to submit documents:

  1. Email:
  2. Mail: P.O. Box 331 Clarksville, TN 37041
  3. Drop off: 404 Madison Street, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Proof of residency in Montgomery County for at least 12 months:
    • A copy of your Tennessee issued driver’s license OR identification card (for criminal background check and loan processing)
  •  Proof of income:
    • A copy of two months most recent pay stubs from employment OR ( 1 ) copy of disability/social security/retirement statement
    • Any other sources of income, including TANF, SNAP (food stamps), child support, alimony, etc.
    • Tax returns from the last 2 years
    • IRS Form 4506-T: Request for Transcript of Tax Return
      • This form will help you access your previous tax records from the IRS if you don’t currently have them in your possession.
  • Benefits: (If applicable)
    • A copy ( 1 ) of recent benefits statements or child support paperwork (SNAP/Families First/Child Support/Alimony, TNAF, etc.)
  • Housing:
    • Rental agreement with move in date, rent paid per month, and landlord’s information
    • If you pay another person rent or utilities, that person MUST write their rent (utilities if included) and how much you pay them per month towards that amount. (Receipts, cashier’s check stub, etc. showing how much you pay that person.)
  • Bills and Debts:
    • A copy ( 1 ) of the most recent statement showing remaining balance and payment made (credit cards, car or health insurance, car payments, cell phone, cable, student loans, rental payments, medical, school loans, child support/alimony, etc.)
  • Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, Judgement, Eviction or Liens, Repossessions, Garnishments, and/or Forfeitures:
    • A copy ( 1 ) showing when it started, how much you owe, monthly payments, and when it ended (if discharged).
  • Signed credit and background check forms:
    • Copies of the credit and background check release forms attached to the application must be signed and turned in with your application. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can fill out an application for the homeowner program?

Anyone who has lived in Clarksville-Montgomery County for at least one year and is over the age of 18.

Where can I fill out an application?

For your convenience applications are available online at You can also pick up an application at the Habitat ReStore during hours of operation located at 404 Madison Street Clarksville, TN. Applications will ONLY be available and accepted during our application period

What can I expect after submitting my application?

Within the application period applicants are able to submit or edit applications. After the application period ends, all applications that have been submitted will be reviewed and contacted accordingly.  

Below are steps that Habitat takes when reviewing all applications:

  • Ensuring all information is entered.
  • If information is missing, a letter informing applicants of information needed will be sent within 30 days of receipt.
  • Review of eligibility.
  • If the applicant has met requirements listed above, the Credit Report and Background Check will proceed.
  • If applicant meets the requirements, we will request all required documents. YOU MUST SUBMIT ALL OF THE REQUIRED DOCUMENTS IN ORDER FOR YOUR APPLICATION TO BE CONSIDERED COMPLETE. If required documents are not provided before the deadline, your application will be denied.
  • Home visit to assess the need for adequate shelter.
  • After all criteria is met, demonstration of need, and information of the applicant will be discussed with the Homeowner Selection Committee to decide program acceptance.
  • If approved by the Homeowner Selection Committee, application will then be sent to the Board of Directors, who finalizes program acceptance.  

approval process

Habitat for Humanity of Montgomery County Tennessee aims to provide affordable housing opportunities in the Clarksville-Montgomery County area. To ensure that equal opportunity is followed within Habitat’s mission, those who potentially qualify must demonstrate:

  1. Need for Adequate Housing
  2. Ability to Pay
  3. Willingness to Partner


Need for Adequate Housing:

Residency & Status: (All of the following statements must apply)

  1. Lived in Montgomery County, TN for at least 1 year from date of application
  2. No “separated” marital status
  3. No felony or sexual criminal record


Living in Inadequate Housing: (At least 1 of the following must apply)

  1. Living in unsafe building
  2. Overcrowded space
  3. Undesirable or unsafe neighborhood
  4. Living with friends or family
  5. Rent burdened (more than 30% of income going towards rent)


Ability to Pay:

Financial Qualifications: (All of the following statements must apply)

  1. Can afford monthly mortgage payments with a reliable income (employment, disability, social security, etc.)
  2. Reasonably good credit report (minimum of about 550) with no outstanding liens or judgements. Debt-to-income ratio must be 43% or lower. A score of 550 does NOT guarantee acceptance. Other credit factors will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 
  3. No bankruptcies or foreclosures in the past 7 years. 
  4. Income falls within the range listed below based on the size of the family: 

(Figures are based on HUD’s median income for Clarksville, TN and are subject to change yearly)


Willingness to Partner with Habitat:

  1. Be a proactive partner who communicates with mentors and staff
  2. Understand and share Habitat’s mission
  3. Work Sweat Equity Hours (250 hours for individuals and 500 hours for couples)
  4. Attend Habitat’s Financial and Educational classes
  5. Provide $1,000 in closing costs


Must Have Ability to Maintain Mortgage Payments:

  1. Habitat’s mortgage is a 20-year 0% interest loan
  2. Mortgage payment amounts vary and will include: Principal on mortgage, city and county taxes, and homeowner’s insurance.
  3. House size is based on family make-up 
  4. Mortgage payment based on cost to build the house (subject to change based on increased cost of materials and supplies.)



What does it mean to partner with Habitat?

Proactive participation with our Habitat means: Join us wholeheartedly, work sweat equity hours, participate in financial/educational classes, and understand and share Habitat’s mission.

What is sweat equity?

Sweat equity is required for all program participants. These are volunteer hours that partner families participate in, typically at the Habitat ReStore or on build sites. Accommodations are made for those with disabilities or other needs. (250 hours for individuals and 500 hours for couples)

What does a “reasonably good credit report” mean?

For Habitat, a reasonably good credit report generally means a score of 550 and up. We do not have a set credit score we look for, but rather examine your financial history and current situation. A score of 550 or above does NOT automatically guarantee acceptance. If there are past mistakes on your credit report, those may not disqualify you. If you are working to remedy these past mistakes and currently making payments on time, Habitat takes this into consideration. Your debt-to-income ratio should be 43% or lower to ensure you can make your mortgage payments. Credit history will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. 

How is qualifying income determined?

Habitat for Humanity’s basic income guidelines for eligibility for our programs are taken from federal HUD Area Median Income (AMI) guidelines, usually published once a year. Our annual income ranges are approximately 25% to 60% of the AMI for Clarksville-Montgomery County.

If I apply and do not get accepted, what happens next?

Don’t forget: This is an application for a home loan, and not everyone will be accepted. Habitat for Humanity encourages you to reapply at any time! If your application is not accepted, your letter will state why and list resources to help you improve your financial situation. There is no limit to the number of times you can apply. Several of our homeowners were denied their first time applying but accepted their second time!


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