Habitat for Humanity of Montgomery County, TN

What is “Sweat Equity”?

Once a family has been selected to partner with Habitat for Humanity of Montgomery County, they are required to complete homeowner education classes, financial literacy counseling, and 250 hours of “sweat equity” per adult.

Sweat equity is volunteer work that is typically performed in the ReStore or on a build site that allows partner families to show their dedication to homeownership and partnering with Habitat.

Many times, individuals find a niche where they can put their talents and interests to use as part of their 250 hours. Maria, pictured above, likes to sew in her spare time.  She has become an integral part of the ReStore team, as she assists with pricing donated fabric and sewing supplies as part of her sweat equity requirements.

While typical volunteer opportunities will not apply to young children, by getting good grades in school they too can assist in meeting sweat equity quotas. A’s and B’s on their report cards can be recorded for up to 20 hours toward the family’s total hours.

Through this partnership, Habitat extends a hand-up and not a handout.

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